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Prozac for Algrenon

by euclid 

Posted: 24 March 2019
Word Count: 600
Summary: For challenge 700

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About two years ago, I was wondering beside a large lake. It was dark and there were lots of stars in the sky and only a silver of a moon. It was at night time early spring. I looked up at the stairs and said a small prayer to God. I was sure he would answer my prayer if I ast him nice enough.
I was going threw a bad time at the time. I hatted my job and my boss was a mean bastard. He use to dock my pay evrytime I was late and everytimme I left early. I was a werehouse man. That’s heavy work, you now, fetching and carying and lifting stuff and big boxes all day long. I wished hed try it him self than may be hed learn what its like and he might give us all a BRAKE!!!
And I took my  troubles home. Betty my wife was talking about getting a divorce. Anyway, I payed to God. Give me peace and tranquilty, I pryed. Betty sent me to the doctor and he wrought a chit for a medication. He said it wold make me better, but he warned me that there might be side affects.
After I’d been on the medication for three months I felt a whole lot better. I could handle the rough and tumble of the warehouse, the hard physical work, and even the snide remarks of the other workers and the boss. Actually, he and I started to get on quite well. He gave me a small raise and when I complained of a sore back he found me a sedentary job, keying goods requisitions and deliveries into a computer, in the office. He’s not such a bad guy. He was telling me that he has a harridan for a wife and six young children. I’m not surprised he takes it out on the guys in the warehouse.
The medication gave me the presence of mind and tranquillity I needed to resolve my workplace conflicts and patch up my marriage. It also give me inner peace. I can see clearly now my place in the Universe. It seems I am here for a greater purpose and not just for schlepping heavy boxes around a warehouse.
Once my eyes were open, I became aware that there are people in the neighbourhood much worse off than us. People with drug addiction problems, financial woes, children’s issues. You name it. We live in a downbeat area.
The medication is amazing. I would definitely recommend it. I haven’t noticed any side effects at all. 
Betty and I set up a self-help community centre. The soup kitchen has been a resounding success. Last week we handed out 350 bowels of soup to about 150 homeless folks. And we’ve been negotiating with the local counsel to let us have a small plot of land where we can build homes from recycled plastic for five families that have fell on hard times. I feel fulfilled and happier than I’ve ever been.
We set up a fudning mechanism for the charity. I quit my job in the warehouse. I can take a small wage from the charity. We don’t need much to live on. I stopped taking the medication a couple months ago. My wife reckons it’s too early, but I’m confadent I don’t need it any more.
Than last week we ran into difficulteys with the counsel over planing permision for our platic houses. The batards! They shold try living on the streets for a week or tow and see how they like it.

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