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by  Dark One

Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2003
Word Count: 115
Summary: This a piece I wrote a few years back and got published in a book called 'A Quiet Storm'

Corridors long, corridors short,
Individual in-betweeners existing in a pause,
Swiftly forgotten, in a hurry
People start to blur in the flurry
These emblems of distance never travelled.

Corridors wide, corridors narrow
Sparsely aligned with creaking doors
Shutting the dust rooms out of sight
Filled sporadically with fleeting light.
These endless passages confined in time.

Corridors light, corridors dark
In a glance find new life
The poor, forgotten corridors abused through wearing feet
Tired of the goals it sets those who seek.
These material pathways forced to guide.

Corridors creep, corridors run
Explore through patience
The corridors are waiting with wooden needs
Within their confines lies life's precious seed.
These emblems of distance never travelled.