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I Love You Silly!

by  mbrownlow

Posted: Monday, March 13, 2006
Word Count: 145
Summary: A nonsense-type rhyme that instills simple virtues for children.

Schmootzle spiral,
Spudlet spree,
Spoodlet soodle,
Shoof spa slee.
Spiggle spaggle,
Always, always tell the truth!

Twisto topra,
Traydoh tronto,
Twoopwa thwo,
Tagrat tockwa,
Troobla threed,
Try your best and you’ll succeed!

Bloomsy binway,
Bronmo bee,
Brooshell bodo,
Blondo bree,
Brasmo bando,
Bagsy belf,
Be the friend you’d want yourself!

Floster fromra,
Frazzle fwee,
Fozlo fwoopton,
Festlin flee,
Feltfro feeglin,
Figwa flay,
Mind your manners everyday!

Podken poofla,
Parsen pine,
Poxclan pockwo,
Piglin prine,
Prazmen pitriv,
Pinbee preed,
Be quick to help someone in need!

Deckla dwando,
Drigger dree,
Donstag dilfra,
Dentra dlee,
Dabstab dister,
Daxwa dwite,
Stand up for what you feel is right!

Grimwad genchee,
Goobla gree,
Glizma groobcha,
Gnixma gee,
Gwintru glenza,
Gagwid gray,
I stand behind you all the way!

Kigma kwenlo,
Krispak klee,
Kregla kanway,
Kwinto kwee,
Kosnot kantro,
Kiglee kroo,
I love you silly, yes I do!