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by  Mr B.

Posted: Friday, June 2, 2006
Word Count: 119
Summary: I thought I'd have a pop at those England flags on cars. It's written as a sonnet - a form I've not written in for a very long time. This makes it sound more pretentious than I would have liked, but it was fun to work within a structure.

If George came back and saw what we had done,
The way we used his colours for a game
And mounted them upon our cars for fun
Or taunted our opponents with his name,
I wonder, would he smile and laugh out loud,
Or would he say that we had lost our way
And that we had demeaned this emblem proud
To glorify this thing, a game, we play.
If I could see beyond the little flags
Perhaps I'd put the angst I feel to rest.
But everywhere it's there, on shirts and bags,
The pride of England stuck on someone's chest.
St George, I think, would see the funny side,
But can't we show some dignity with pride?