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Mitzy Motsy Moo and the Goblings of Summerset Dawn

by  LiverbirdLou

Posted: Saturday, September 20, 2003
Word Count: 760
Summary: Life in Grummington is returning to normal since the arrival of the Marmalade Volcano upon Buttercup Meadow, but there is a suprise just around the corner... This is the next story in the series of Mitzy Motsy Moo. :o)

Life in Grummington was slowly returning to normal since the amazing discovery of the Marmalade Volcano upon Buttercup Meadow. Mitzy Motsy Moo and her sister Milky Moo where still happily grazing on the Meadow, Corky was still forever chasing Jigsy Tig off Farmer AlSpudís newly laid crop and Farmer AlSpud himself was still merrily taking care of all the animals upon his farm. Although now Farmer AlSpud had Mitzyís Marmalade Emporium to attend to but whenever she could Farmer AlSpudís helpful wife Suzie Sprout would help her husband run the shop which had proven to be very popular with the local people of Grummington.

One regular customer to Mitzyís Marmalade Emporium was Bonkers the Bear. Every week he would ride on his little bicycle to Buttercup Meadow to buy some marmalade, as he liked nothing better than baking cakes with his best friend Emily Mouse. Foybones, on the other hand, preferred a nice chewy bone to eat. But that did not stop him from joining his friends on the Meadow every now and again.

One morning Farmer AlSpud was busily giving Mitzy and Milky their daily breakfast of oats and marmalade which was a welcomed treat since the arrival of the Marmalade Volcano.

"Yummy," smiled Milky as she gobbled down her breakfast. "This sure does taste nice Farmer AlSpud."

"Iím glad youíre enjoying your breakfast Milky, I sometimes have some marmalade with my toast in the mornings, but don't tell Suzie, she wouldn't be happy. Suzie thinks too much marmalade will rot my teeth." Farmer AlSpud frowned.

"Ah donít worry Farmer AlSpud, we wonít tell anybody." Mitzy laughed as she too ate the oats that Farmer AlSpud had supplied.

"Now before I forget," Farmer AlSpud continued. "Baabarah Sheep has asked me to give you this." Farmer AlSpud handed Mitzy and Milky a bright yellow envelope.

Once the two sister had opened their envelopes they found that Baabarah Sheep had invited Mitzy and Milky to a party in celebration of Baabarahís fourth birthday.

"Oh how nice a party!" grinned Milky.

"Yes, the party is being held at the barn on Summerset Dawn at 7 oíclock this evening." Explained Farmer AlSpud. "Now I must dash, I have to deliver the rest of the invitations for Baabarah." With that Farmer AlSpud bid his two cows goodbye, hopped on his tractor and raced out of Buttercup Meadow.

"See you later AlSpud," said Mitzy and Milky together.

"Iím so excited," said Milky. "It has been a long time since we were invited to a party."

"It has Milky, come on lets go and help Suzie Sprout in the shop." Mitzy replied as she strolled down the Meadow followed by Milky.

"Hello girls," Spoke Suzie Sprout as Mitzy and Milky entered the shop.

Mitzy licked her lips. "Hello Suzie. Mmm, what is that lovely smell ?"

"Iím working on a new marmalade, chocolate flavoured. Would you like to try some?" Suzie asked.

Mitzy was a little unsure, she had never tasted chocolate marmalade before.

Mitzy licked a little of the marmalade off the spoon. "Oooh it is nice." She smiled.

Suzie was relieved and immediately gave Milky some to taste too.

"That is really nice Suzie," grinned Milky.

"Looking forward to the party tonight girls? Suzie asked as she poured more sugar into the sticky chocolate mixture.

"Oh yes," replied Mitzy.

"We cannot wait for a good old knees up," laughed Milky.

That evening Mitzy and Milky where busily getting organised for the party. "Look Milky, here comes Bonkers and Emily," said Mitzy as she looked across the Meadow. Soon Mitzy and Milky where joined by Jigsy Tig, Foybones and Corky the Scarecrow and once everyone was ready the animals strolled across Buttercup Meadow, heading for Summerset Dawn.

As they all walked closer to Summerset Dawn Foybones could smell the pleasant scent of cakes baking. "I suppose there will be plenty of sticky buns here?" He grinned as he licked his lips.

"Oh Iím so hungry," replied Emily Mouse. "I havenít eaten since this morning."

The animals arrived at the barn which was situated at the back of Summerset Dawn. Bonkers knocked on the door while hiding Baabarahís birthday present which was a pink woolly hat he had knitted to keep Baabarahís ears warm during the winter months.

The barn door opened and the animals were greeted by a white woolly sheep smiling back at them all.

"Happy Birthday Baabarah." The animals sung in chorus.

"Why thank you everyone, welcome to my party, it is so nice of you all to join me." Baabarah was delighted.