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A poem for you, from me...

by  LiverbirdLou

Posted: Sunday, September 21, 2003
Word Count: 96

The radio plays on,
her thoughts wander,
job, kids, mom, him.
Smiles from the heart

Through the maze of day,
his thoughts lead astray
work, kids, home, her.
Smiles from the heart…

The road disappears below,
she drives thinking of him,
eyes, laugh, touch, caress
Smiles from the heart

In the reprieve of evening
his thoughts call away,
words, passion, ideas, embrace
Smiles from the heart...

Tapping the brakes,
she thinks of him
trust, fear, feeling, love
Smiles from the heart

Closing his eyes,
he touches her arm
warmth, courage, happiness, love
Smiles from the heart...