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by  Rhys Lewis

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Word Count: 489
Summary: Just a quick summary of who I am and some more in depth information on my work, its not too long, hope you're interested!

Hello, my name is Rhys Davies, born and bred Welshman of south Wales; though unfortunately I don't speak the language.

I'm a student of Aberystwyth University and amateur writer with one full epic blossoming in my mind, though currently only the first book has been written out in full. It focuses mostly on spiritualism and the unknown workings of another world. Drawing on ancient mythology such as the Greek titans, specifically the titaness Gaia, mother of earth and the gods.
The story brings reference to the ‘genesis spirit’, a mother, a father and a guardian to a world and its people.
Each of the ten main characters who’re introduced throughout the first book and the oncoming sequel have links to me in one way or another. I felt it was easier to write for them if they had part of me inside them, similar can be said for some of the secondary characters who play a strong role in the unwinding story.

The first installation itself is mostly for set up and introduction into the world and what is currently happening in it. I suppose a brief introduction to it should be used, right? Well the world is called Esthar, it’s turbulent past has led to its inhabitants scattered in islands called ‘living esthar’ isolated by vast oceans, dessert continents and horizons fenced off with mountains. This is all the result of a catastrophe that left clues across the lands. The people of Utherhia, one of said parts of living esthar, strive to understand but can’t quite piece them together until it’s too late.

Putting that aside, they’re also at war with an empire they believe came from the western wastelands, but has in fact invaded from another world all together. They’re similarly developed culturally and technologically, but alas there is no call for a truce. Rather than asking that particular question, ‘Why not live in peace?’ Both sides are spurred to war by the Anatali Empire that seems hell-bent on eradicating every bit of esthian life in its path.

Living in a small city, which aids in protecting Utherhia; a youth called Carsa Ray is swept into a multi-layered adventure.
On the sentient plane he is dragged into action when the town is attacked by Anatali, and he suddenly becomes a main figure on the battlefront.
Spiritually, his soul itself is bewitched by the charms of the queen forced into exile, and his mind undergoes the dramatics of knowing what is really happening between Esthar and the other world, and the secret of what actually happened in the past to fracture Esthar’s life.

It probably sounds quite confusing to read in this collection of paragraphs. But if anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to explain it to you. There's a lot to say about the world, its inhabitants and the story. Any feedback of course would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, and have a good day