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Empty Beach

by  FizzdeBrooke

Posted: Thursday, August 9, 2007
Word Count: 259
Summary: Coming to terms with a life full of illness leaves a salty taste in a young woman's mouth.

La la-la la-la...

She hummed to herself while slipping a wet jacket off her shoulders. Then sang a few words she remembered.

Always look on the bright side

Her legs felt numb while sitting cross-legged, poking a stick into wet sand in front of her.

A wave washed over her jeans and soaked her pink t-shirt. None of it mattered. It was all pointless a waste of time.

She wiped rain from her eyes.

A seagull landed next to her and she watched it peck at a rotting sandwich. Seawater washed her one remaining breast. How could he love her now? Why would he want to? So young, but riddled already. Life was so unfair.

The cold chilled her to the bone and thoughts raked her spirit. She spat seawater as another wave stung her face. Maybe she should call him one more time. Maybe he was struggling to deal with it himself. Maybe she should be there for him so he would learn to cope without her.

A wave knocked her over and she held her breath, wondering how long she could hold on. Maybe just long enough for him to learn to cope without her. She owed it to him after such devotion.

Forcing her head out of the water, she gasped, before the sand sank beneath her feet. No strength left. No breath. No more fight. She thrashed her arms in one final effort, but another wave smothered her.

Rain fell on an empty sea, and waves crashed on an empty beach.