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Nasty Nicola

by  123buttermyshoe

Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Word Count: 322

One day, at 59 Marvellous Meadows Road, lived a girl.
A mean girl.
A mean,horrible girl called Nasty Nicola.
Nasty Nicola was an ugly little child with millions of nits in her hair which she scratched day and night.
She was very nasty to other people.
She broke an old lady's window with a stolen rake.
She put an ants nest in her little brother's pyjamas. Nasty Nicola even dead flies in her mother's chocolate cake!
But she was an absolute terror at school!
Nasty Nicola even put Tearful Thomas's trousers in the dust bin!
Nasty Nicola!
But there one thing Nasty Nicola couldn't force, steal or beat out of her classmtes.
At playtime, dear old Nasty Nicolawould watch sadly as everyone else played with all their friends. This made her very upset indeed.
But soon, an evil plot formed in her head.
"I know!" she thought cunningly, "MAYBE I COULD FORCE THEM TO PLAY WITH ME..."
Nasty Nasty Nicola!
The very next day, Nasty Nicola skipped up to Plaited Patricia and her many pals.
"We don't want to play with you!" Plaited Patricia protested.
"If you don't play with me!" hissed Nasty Nicola nastily, "I'll put cockroaches in your rice pudding!"
A petrified Plaited Patricia gasped and nodded.
But Nasty Nicola was still lonely.She noticed everyome hid whenever they saw her coming.She looked and looked , but she couldn't find them anywhere. HER THREATS WEREN'T WORKING!
She sat down angrily in the rather smelly cloakrooms,"This is no fun!" she grumbled to herself. Sensible Sid walked in.
"No fun being nasty, is it, Nicola"he said.
"How else can you be?" Nasty Nicola muttered.
" Be nice, Nicola.You might get some friends."
And she was.
Nasty Nicola helped the old lady who's window she smashed. She brushed Plaited Patricia's plaits and even returned Tearful Thomas's trousers.Nasty Nicola wasn't alone any more.
But she isn't called that anymore.
She's now called- nice nicola!