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Red Bike Spinning

by  Haadi

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2008
Word Count: 118
Summary: Based on a dream I had about two years ago I just found the notes I wrote down the morning after. Spent about 15 minutes turning them into this so really it's a flash poem for friday afternoon fun:

Dreamt you and I were cycling in the dark,
it was pitch black, supernaturally black,
no street lights nor building lights,
not even a star.

You were cycling fast, overtaking me
you didn't see the slow moving car in front,
there were no lights.

I saw too late, gave a strangled cry,
too late, a head on collision.

You and bike flew over the car,
together spinning.
Your bike was red,
it was the only colour I could see.
I thought you were must be dead
but I couldn't reach you.

Later (after wading through marsh land
and grappling with giant poisonous cacti)
our paths crossed again.
You were right as rain
while I still felt the trauma.