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Excerpt - Erotica

by  FenixTaichou

Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Word Count: 608
Summary: As the title says, it's purely a piece of erotica I wrote "just to see if I can". It was actually a joke challenge with a friend as I've never written this stuff before. I'm thinking of writing a bit more in the future, a proper story with erotic content, rather than erotica written for the sake of erotica!

Sabre breathed in sharply as she felt his hands rest gently upon her shoulders. She had longed for this moment for a long time. She had dreamt of this. As he slid his hands down her arms and placed a solitary kiss on her neck, she felt a shiver course through her body. As he placed another kiss upon her neck and his hands slid down to her hips, her lips parted slightly and she whispered his name.
He slipped his thumbs into the rim of her jeans and pulled her close to him and their lips met. He kissed her deeply, and she returned it with slight moan. As the two kissed passionately Marcus ran his hand under her top and up her back, slowly running his fingers down her spine. She closed her eyes tight and pulled away for a moment before putting her hand around his head and pulling him back for another kiss. She slipped her other hand under his top and around his waist.
“Marcus... oh Marcus.” She moaned, as he placed his hands hard around her hips, and slid them up to the soft skin of her waist. As she pushed against him he knocked the dresser, and the two parted lips. Sabre giggled, and placed a playful finger on his lips.
“We don’t want to wake up them up...”
She bit her lip and took his hand in hers, moving it from her hip to her stomach, and sliding it slowly higher...
“So we’d better be...” she took in a sharp intake of breath as his hand gently cupped her naked breast. “Quiet...” she breathed.
Marcus buried his head in her neck and began kissing and gently nibbling her neck, while his hand gently massaged her breast, occasionally circling his thumb over her nipple. She bit her lip harder a little scared that she may make her lip bleed, but not caring, as it felt so good. With one hand held tightly on his back, she gently ran the other down the front of his jeans. She could feel him, long and tough under his jeans. She tugged at his shirt, and indication for him to remove it, which he obliged. As he threw the shirt to the floor she stared at his well-toned chest. Taking both hand she gently slid them over his muscular frame. She glanced behind her at the bed, then back at Marcus. Latching her finger in his jeans like a leash she pulled him over and on top of her, as the two collapsed together on the bed. Marcus knelt above her, his hands either side of her head, looking deeply into her eyes.
“Are you sure you’re ready..?”
She nodded and smiled broadly,
“Yes Marcus...”
He ran his hand through her hair and kissed her gently.
“I love you, Sabre.”
Sabre reached up to take his face in her hands.
“I love you too, Marcus.”
She led him forward to lock lips once more and they kissed with a growing passion once more. She ever so slightly moved her legs apart so Marcus could fit comfortably on top, as he pulled her top up and over, and threw it one side. He glanced at her beautiful body, gently tracing her curves with his fingers. He smiled at her, as he began to kiss her stomach. She closed her eyes put her trust in him, as he kissed slowly up to her breasts. Holding them gently in his hands, he kissed to them, running his tongue round them in turn, before resting on her nipples, taking them in his mouth and flicking them, nibbling them.