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The Paper Pusher

by  keithhodges

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008
Word Count: 150
Summary: A flash fiction story about getting work in on time.

“I’ll be pushing paper all afternoon” he said rubbing his small goatee.

We were worried about getting our essays in.

“Right,” I proclaimed as I stood “I’m going to print off my evidence”

I left the room quickly, into the white cold corridor, the dry egg yoke on my hoody was starting to peel.

“Hang on!” She said from behind, “I need to print mine too”

Together we battled the blistering wind, her new hair extensions flapping like a horse’s tail.

The library was warmer, it only took 2 minutes and we were done.

We left together, and headed for the exit.

“Let me see yours” She grabbed it, and flicked through as we wandered back across the road.

We reached the office and heard a noise, we slowly crept in not to make a sound.

That’s when we saw him.

In his element, 1000 sheets shoved against the wall.