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Series title `River Tales From Glossop`s Bridge

by  Miss Bower

Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Word Count: 291
Summary: A bunch of eccentric very British river creatures who like nothing better to do than go on adventures and as long as they can stop for afternoon tea and cakes then they really are a happy bunch. Oh did I mention that Gerald Gander organises these adventures with very little thought or plan, Monte Frog then organsies them all and Molly Mole makes and bakes enough cakes to feed a small army and Billy Rat is more than happy to be her best friend as long as he is close to the food that is LOL!!

The Country Ramble

Chapter 1: Billy's Surprise!

The morning was busy at Old Glossop's Bridge. The market was selling all things for the fridge.

Molly was buying fresh cream for a cake for that afternoon she was going to bake.

Gerald was walking along all the stalls whilst Geraldine bought paintings to hang on the walls.

There was Billy who has eyes for only one stand, stacked high with cakes he had one in each hand;

And was eating another whilst looking around when all of a sudden hot pies his eyes found.

He dashed through the crowd without giving a care, shoving and pushing and pulling of hair.

Then stopped and thought 'I'm being rather rude, shoving and pushing just to get to the food'

So he turned to the folk who were in disarray and looking at him with utter dismay.

'I'm sorry' he said and then to their surprise 'please let me buy you all some hot pies'

Well the scene that followed was rather silly. The crowd rushed forward squashing poor Billy;

And down to the ground poor Billy he fell, yet nobody seemed to hear his yell.

When out of nowhere was heard Monte's shout. The crowd all stopped and looked about.

'Do you know' he said 'you've trampled on Billy 'that's why you found the ground so hilly!'

'So please step back and clear the way for all these pies he has still to pay'

As Billy got up from off the ground he saw his pennies had scattered around

SO scooping them up he paid for the pies, handing over his money with tears in his eyes.

And for his kindness he received three cheers and several bottles of ginger beers!

To be continued.........................