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Move on

by  jackstar

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Word Count: 123
Summary: well this is about a woman who fell in love with a abusive man and when they broke up the guy starting stalking her and she eventully blew up

I fell in love with a Warlock
He sold me the portion of deceit disguised as love
Like poison ivy you twisted my thoughts
I was wrapped around your finger like a cocoon
Like a butterfly I broke free
In my freedom I embraced liberty
As I flapped my wings to freedom
I experienced the four letter words

Hate is the four words I have for you
Like an icy winter morning
So are my feelings
Disgust is what you invoke
My heart beats to the rhythm of hate
Its roots are imbedded in my soul

Stalking me like a werewolf
Cold Blooded like a vampire you are
Sucking me dry with your neediness
Clinging to me like a leach

Move on Dude