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The Enchanted Chocolate saved Jayden

by  Dami

Posted: Monday, April 20, 2009
Word Count: 1305
Summary: This is the piece so far. I started writing this story for ages 1yrs to 5yrs but it has evolved. I'm thinking about doing away with the enchanted chocolate because it's difficult for me to move forward with it. Thank you. Dami

My house was at the bottom of the hill on the other side of the enchanted wood. I passed through the enchanted wood everyday to get to school. The wood was so magnificent with lots of precious animals like the red squirrel, beavers, and hedgehogs.

I liked to feed the animals when I passed through the wood. My Gran told me that the enchanted wood had magical powers. She told me magical stories about people who went to the woods when she was a young girl. ‘The wood looks after anyone who looks after it.’ She told me.

One day on my way back home, I dropped a packet of chocolate stars on the ground whilst passing through the woods. They fell out of the bag and onto the ground. I liked to keep the woods clean and tidy so I picked up the chocolate and took them home. The enchanted woods had turned my chocolate stars to enchanted chocolate. At home I left the chocolate stars on a table in my bedroom and forgot all about them.

I woke up to a windy morning the next day. The trees rustled from side to side. I always ride my bike to school and my mum said she would drop me off at school instead. On my way to school we passed through the woods. The animals huffed and puffed and ran for cover. I was worried that some of the animals may be hurt. My mum arrived at school in good time. At break time Asam and two of his friends in my year group started to pick on me. They made cruel remarks at me and called me mummy’s boy. I ignored the boys and went to my lesson. My mum picked me up from school and I did not mention the incident at school.

The wind had calmed down the next day. I rode my bike to school. I made a quick dash through the woods to avoid the bullies. After school I hurried along to the bike shed. I unlocked my bike and climbed on, whistling away. No sooner had I started my journey home did Asam and his friends school follow me to the woods. I rode faster but the boys tried to catch up with me. As I went to through the woods a big branch came tumbling down onto my path. I braked hard and my bike came to a halt. I jostled ahead missing the spiky part of the branch. The Enchanted Chocolate came alive ready to save me. The boys started laughing at me. My heart missed a few beats as I prepared myself for a painful landing. To my surprise I landed on soft ground. That was a nice landing I thought to myself. I got up so quickly and climbed unto my bike and hurried on home. The boys were so shocked and stopped because I was off before they could get to me.

I had been busy preparing for my exams to keep up my grades. The exams were now round the corner. My day at school had been so busy and had not had time to think about Asam and his friends. At the end of school I was only too pleased that I managed to do all my tasks for the day. I unlocked my bike in the shed and hoped on. On my way home my bike felt wrong and did not ride well. When I looked down on it I notice my back tyre was flat with a pin stuck in it. “Oh no not now” I yelled. By this time I was in the woods and thought about what to do.

I thought about what happened yesterday with Asam and his friends. As I looked up I saw all three boys appear one by one from behind the trees in the woods. ‘Now where are you going to run to’ said Asam. I stood up and held on to my bike. They gradually moved in on me leaving me in the middle. As they moved closer the enchanted chocolate got into position too. The enchanted chocolate drew a sticky circle around me. The boys thought I could not get away from them. They all had a smirk on their faces. As they stepped on the circle they tried to lift their feet to move even closer. Their feet got stuck to the ground. They all tried to move backwards, forwards, sideways but could not. The enchanted chocolate had done it again. When I realised that the boys could not come any closer I quickly pushed my bike through a gap. I pushed as fast as I could with out looking back until I reached home.

I had my exams the next day so I started out to school early. I rode my bike so fast and did not notice the boys hiding behind the big tree, waiting for me. I did not see the spikes they had scattered on the ground either and I rode over them. Asam and two others came out from behind the tree and pushed me to the ground. ‘Where do you think you’re going, you can’t get away this time. ‘I’ve got my exams today and I need to be off quickly, let me go or else’. I got up and gave Asam a push. I felt a big force behind me and my push was so hard it landed Asam on a tree stuck between two branches. His friends ran away as he screamed for help. ‘I its happening again, let’s get out of here’ they said.

He looked so helpless and I felt sorry for him. I could not leave him there on his own. I wondered how I could save him. I decided to climb the tree and held on to the trunk. I noticed a few brown steps all around the tree. It was easy to climb the tree. When I got to the top I asked Asam to hold on to the branch above him. I then pushed him free out of the gap. He was freed and hung on to the branch with both hands. I asked him to move along to the end of the branch until he could bounce downwards.

I dashed back down and asked him to let go of the branch once I got hold of his legs. He was really scared and wouldn’t do it. I told him not to worry because I would not let him fall. He eventually let go of the branch and I pulled him safely to the ground. ‘We’re okay I said to him’ He had sweat dripping down his forehead.’ How did you do that’ Asam said. ‘It was easy there are steps on the tree. ‘I’ll show you I said’ . All the steps had disappeared. I could not explain it and Asam never believed me anyway. ‘I don’t know how you did that but you’re cool. I’m sorry about earlier I was just being silly’ he said. ‘Don’t worry about it, I need to get to school fast. Okay I’ll give you a hand with your bike. We pushed the bike together and made it to school just in time for the exams.

What an amazing adventure I’ve had. I got home so tired. I emptied my pocket on a table in my bedroom along with the chocolate stars. Gran was right about all those magical stories after all. Mum made me a nice roast dinner to finish off my busy week. Mum tidied up my room on Saturday morning and threw all the rubbish on my table in the bin including the enchanted chocolate stars. ‘The enchanted chocolate stars are no more sad I know, but I’ll think about all the good they’ve done.