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The sleepy children

by  Sam Rix

Posted: Thursday, November 6, 2003
Word Count: 142
Summary: Here we go then, another from my book of poems: 'In love of my Children' One of my favourites, it hits me when I read it.

The sleepy children

At night time, sleep comes and they do fray
Sleep slips quietly upon them during the day.

With weary faces and dark soulful eyes
They drift unaware with delicate sighs.

They crinkle noses, lips form the unspoken word
My loving coo’s to them go unheard.

Join them as they dream, I'd dearly love
But places they go are seen only from far above.

I stroke the hair, touch the face
This is my quiet moment, my tender place.

My heart aches at their peace as my soul momentarily soars
Emotions spill out, as their beauty opens my doors.

With tears held at bay, I tremble and savour this feeling
Such power they hold, it always sends me reeling.

In slumber I watch and my love for them swells
As they dream in a place where magic dwells.

Sam Rix