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by  V`yonne

Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2009
Word Count: 140
Summary: my own effort

two birds on a rooftop
one flies away
I look again
they are both gone

thus starts an ordinary day
eight o’clock
computer on

really must remember breakfast

breakfast with cat
she wants a pat
and my voice

so then, this story, must get on
then dishes
then a poem
answer emails
answer phone
no time to swim today -
sorry you go anyway
get dressed in case
comes to the door

ham in slow cooker
ready for seven
bake bread
bring in bin

story done

lunch with cat
who wants another pat
then news at one

I’ll edit after lunch
then work on my collection…
my collection…

Writer, Poet, Editor,
creaking old wings
when all the birds have flown

bats in the attic

clean the toilet instead moron
at least the bathroom won’t be
full of shit!