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The Teddy Scare

by  The Bar Stward

Posted: Monday, October 26, 2009
Word Count: 852
Summary: Hello. This is my first attempt at writing a childrens story. I am also a illustrator and would love to create a childrens picture book. The Teddy Scare is very much a work in progress and I would very much appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Thank you.

The Teddy Scare

Once there was a little girl called Aimee Louise who had a scruffy old bear, with long floppy arms, and a big cuddly belly called Patchy, who she loved very much. Patchy was really rather tatty because Aimee was forever taking him on amazing adventures. Climbing trees, exploring the garden, and digging holes to find lost dinosaur bones, were just some of the wonderful fun things Aimee and Patchy liked to do, but often the pair would end getting up covered in mud when doing so. Aimee called him Patchy because she had had him forever; though he was so old her Mommy always had to stitch him back together.

One day Aimee was in her bedroom playing with Patchy and she was teaching him how to dance. She swung him around and around and jumped up and down. Well she swung him so hard that poor old Patch’s long floppy old arm came flying off, sending his fine white fluff flying everywhere. Poor bear, thought Aimee, and so she gave him a lovely big cuddle to make him feel better. Suddenly Aimee’s Mommy shouted that it was time for lunch so she put him back at the top of her bed and kissed his poorly better before she skipped off to eat her sandwiches.

When Aimee had finished eating all of her lunch, she raced back to her bedroom quickly to check on her bestest friend, but when she got there she had a terrible shock, for PATCHY WAS GONE! All that was left was a lonely bit of white fluff.

Aimee searched all over her bedroom for her tatty old bear. She looked under her bed, behind the big drawers, and inside her giant toy box, but Patchy was nowhere to be found. Now Aimee had a baby brother called Zac, who she liked to call Ziggy, and she went into his room to see if he had taken Patchy. Of course Ziggy couldn’t walk, in fact there wasn’t a lot he could do, other than cry, eat and make stinky poo poo’s, but sometimes she thought that when everyone was asleep, he was a super baby, flying around the house and playing with all of her toys. However, Patchy was nowhere to be seen, and Ziggy too was very upset, crying in fact. Why? Because Ziggy also has a teddy who he loves very much, a little brown bear who Aimee calls Chomp, because Ziggy is always chewing and dwibbling all over him.

Aimee gave Ziggy a big cuddle and promised she would find his bear. Oh where had Patchy and Chomp gone? Aimee really didn’t know.

Perhaps they had gone for a walk together. Aimee knew that her toys came alive when she wasn’t around, and perhaps the silly bears had not gotten back in time. Suddenly however Aimee noticed a trail of white fluff next to her bed and realised that it must have come out of Patchy. Aimee followed the pieces of fluff out of her room, along the landing, down the stairs and OH NO! The trail led to the scary black door under the stairs, and inside Aimee could hear a terrible grumble!

So there is a monster from under the stairs,’ thought Aimee ‘and he must have taken my teddy bear!’

Was Aimee scared? No she was not! She was mad, she was really really cross! Patchy, poor bear, no it is the naughty monster who needs to beware.

‘No monster is going to take my teddy and get away with it’ said Aimee.

Aimee decided she was going to teach that horrible monster a lesson and she had the most brilliant plan. Aimee snuck into the washing room and found her Daddy’s sock drawer, the box of doom. Aimee’s Daddy has the stinkiest, smelliest, old socks in the whole wide world, but Aimee managed to hold her nose and take as many as she could carry. She raced back to her room and there she made a surprise for the monster.

If a monster is going to eat my teddy’s, thought Aimee, let’s see how he likes this, and at the end of her bed she put the whiffiest, smelliest, pongy teddy there have ever been. Aimee had turned her Daddy’s terrible socks into a teddy bear.

That night Aimee and Ziggy waited in Aimee’s big pink bed to see the monster get his just deserves. They waited, and they waited, and waited until, oh no, they both fell asleep. However, when Aimee and her baby brother woke up, the stinky sock teddy was gone, but back in its place was Patchy, whose arm was sown back on, and Chomp, who was now fluffy and clean.

Horray, Aimee shouted, my teddy’s are back, I am so very happy and so is Zac.

(Note: The illustrations would show that it was Aimee and Ziggys mother who took and cleaned/fixed her teddy bears. While Aimee is imagining a horrible monster has taken her toys, in the background you will subtly see it is Mom who have taken them to repair/wash )