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The Teddy Scare: Version 4

by  The Bar Stward

Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2009
Word Count: 671
Summary: I've done another rewrite. I've made it a bit simpler and gave the story more scope for interesting illustrations. If by chance it ever did see publication, I am imagining a 32 page book, with double spread pages. Each paragraph below would either feature on one page, or run along the two. Let me know if you thing it is worth pursuing, and be honest, I really don't mind, better than wasting my time.


Version 4

Once there was a little girl called Aimee, who had a scruffy old bear whom she loved very much. His name was Patch and he had been with her forever, but he was quite old so Mommy always had to stitch him back together.

Together Aimee and Patch would have the most wonderful adventures every day; their imagination could turn even the most normal thing into something fantastic. Of course that is why it is so brilliant being a little person.

Aimee and Patch the washing room wasn't just a place full of dirty washing, no, to them it was a humongous mountain to be conquered.

And a cardboard box wasn't just something the new television came in, but to Aimee and Patch is was an interstellar spaceship, to take incredible journeys through our Solar System, to visit all of the planets, and to visit the people who lived there.

Best of all, the garden was not just some grass at the back of the house, it was a magnificent jungle waiting to be explored, full of strange creatures that only she and her tatty old bear knew about.

(Note: In the last picture you see Patch getting muddy and a bit torn)

One afternoon, when Aimee had just eaten all of her dinner, she raced to her bedroom to get Patch to join her on a new adventure, but to her shock and horror he wasn’t on the bed where she had left him, in fact he was nowhere to be found at all!

Had Patch gone exploring without her? No he wouldn’t do that, she thought, it is just not fun without each other. Then Aimee noticed a piece of white fluff on the floor, and then another, and another. There was a trail which wasn’t there before, and so she followed the pieces of fluff out of her room, along the landing, down the stairs and OH NO! The trail led to the scary black door under the stairs, and inside Aimee could hear a terrible grumble!

There is a monster under the stairs,’ thought Aimee ‘and he must have taken my teddy bear!’

Was Aimee scared? Yes she certainly was and she almost ran off, but then she remembered poor Patch. Would he leave her, no he would not!

Aimee decided she was going to rescue her friend and teach that horrible monster a lesson while doing so, and she had the most brilliant plan.

Aimee snuck into the washing room and found her Daddy’s pile of foul socks. They were the most terrible, smelliest, old socks in the whole wide world, but Aimee needed them for her super idea and so managed to hold her nose and take as many as she could carry. She raced back to her room and there she made a surprise for the monster.

If a monster is going to be stealing my teddy’s, thought Aimee, let’s see how he likes this, and at the end of her bed she put the whiffiest, smelliest, pongy teddy there have ever been. Aimee had turned her Daddy’s dreadful socks into a teddy bear.

That night Aimee waiting in her bed for the monster to come and pinch her trick teddy and when he did, the terrible smell would make him faint and then she could go and rescue poor Patch.

Aimee waited, and they waited, and waited until, oh no, she fell asleep. However, when Aimee woke up, the stinky sock teddy was gone, but back in its place was Patch. He looked very clean and he was nicely stitched back together.

Horray, Aimee shouted, my teddy is back. Obviously the monster didn’t like Aimee’s stinky surprise at all and didn’t want any more.

(Note: The illustrations would show that it was Aimee mother who took and cleaned/fixed Patch. While Aimee is imagining a horrible monster has taken her bear, in the background you will subtly see it is Mom who have taken him to repair/wash )