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Back Again

by  keithhodges

Posted: Monday, December 28, 2009
Word Count: 462
Summary: Flash 190 Challenge!

Pulling together as a team is the best feeling in the world. Especially after the accident we had, everyone was a bit shaken but we picked ourselves up and brushed ourselves off. Kind of, we lost a few of us out there.

It all happened so fast though, it was unstoppable, not our fault. Not them, the eyes I mean. They wouldn’t have seen it coming even in the sunlight, nor would the feet. They were hidden away under the steering wheel, they couldn’t react in time.

You know it’s strange losing someone you’ve known your whole life, at first the doctors were pulling us around. They prodded us and poked us, I thought they’re probably doing more damage than good. That’s when we lost them, on that table.

It was like the car flipped and threw us through a time loop into the hospital, I don’t remember what happened in between. If only the guys on the motor bike had seen us, it was more their fault. Those feet not reacting properly, and the eyes that didn’t look, but it’s us that paid the price.

Losing those we’ve had with us our whole lives, on that cold steel table.

We kept going in and out of consciousness, and every time we came round another had been lost. At first, when the doctor said it of course we didn’t believe. I know I didn’t.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” That’s all he could say to the eyes, they had to pass the message onto the rest of us. Stuck in the bed, like someone had super-glued us to it. For a few days we lounged around, we didn’t move. The eyes cried and the mouth was angry. The brain sent out a message to all of us and I think that’s when it really hit. When we found out the truth.

“Guys,” he started “we’ve lost an arm, and we can’t walk anymore.” We were in shock, all of us finger nails looked along the line. We’re only the little guy, were we out of a job now?

“We should rebuild, start again.” I screamed. At first no one listened, who was I to tell them what to do, but eventually they did. I was the leader of the pack. I took charge.

“We can do this.” That’s what I told them, I mean we could replace the arm that’s for sure. The doctor had plans for that, we just had to pick ourselves up and move on. We were the lucky ones.

“We need to get walking again, we need to work as a team.”

“But how?” They all wept, “we need a new back. His dead.”

“Don’t worry;” this is where I stepped up to the plate “I’ll be back.”