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The Game of Love

by  Ling Ling

Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2003
Word Count: 131
Summary: Is it all but a game?

Slowly you lure me into your mystery -
like a child I am pulled this way and that,
without a map to lead me from your tender trap -
I wander along my chosen path like a blind man.

Is the prize within my grasp, or am I dreaming?
Frantic to free myself from torment, I search for a clue,
a sign that tells me all is not lost, am I defeated?
Will you leave me here, or save me from bewilderment?

Like a child who has lost her way, I keep trying to -
find my way home, beaten by the dead end, the endless bluff.
The blind alley that taunts me to try again, dont give in.
Should I lose myself in solitude or play the game of love?