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My Very First Car

by  Stuayris

Posted: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Word Count: 154
Summary: A poem I have written that I would love to turn into a small children's picture book about imagination and perseverance!

My very first car
Was quite fantastic
Red and shiny
Made of plastic

Plastic seats
And steering wheel
Plastic smell
And plastic feel

I parked it in the sun one day
And watched my car just melt away

My very first car
Was flat and red
And so became
My very first sled

Fast as fast
I went down the hill
I still remember
How it made me feel

My sled broke in half
When it hit the trees
So my very first sled
Became my very first skis

I tied my skis
To my little feet
And slid everywhere
In the snow and sleet

I couldn't stand up
Or get very far
I wish I still had
My very first car

I got to my feet
and dried my tears
I said goodbye
to all my fears

I put my hands
in my nice warm pockets
and walked on home
dreaming of rockets...