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Charlie Baker: Ghost Seeker

by  Pat M

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Word Count: 115
Summary: Suitable from age 9 plus - a ghost story and trip down memory lane, set in good old Yorkshire, based on real life people with a little fantasy thrown in.


Ghosts? No such thing! Charlie Baker laughed when his friends believed that the oldest part of their school was haunted. That was until the day before his 13th birthday when he found himself face to face with the ghost of a young boy who was asking for his help.

How do you help someone who is dead?

Things get even weirder when a girl in an old family photograph reaches out and talks to him. Helped by Hattie, Charlie time-travels back to Victorian Rotherham where he must find a way to change history and return home safely. Spanning two centuries, Charlie’s mission proves far more dangerous and far-reaching than he could ever have imagined.