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Sonnet on Radio 4

by  rmol1950

Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Word Count: 102
Summary: Hi I am new to this site.This was one of the first things I wrote about 5 years ago. You need to be a BBC radio 4 listener of the older vintage to get it. Here's hoping some of you are.

The flick of a switch or spin of a dial
quickens my slumbering solitude
and music and drama and people arrive
flood into my room, a multitude.

On an alien pulsing wave from deep space
comes the rhythm of rap or shipping report.
A voice from the past, a steeplechase,
a celebrity life dissected in court.

Then itís time to question my bedtime book
and laugh at a clever anecdote.
Fly over the pond with Alistair Cook
or thrill to that Gershwin clarinet note.

But if my radio should whistle and shriek,
I switch off, roll over, and go back to sleep.