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by  MariaH

Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Word Count: 683
Summary: healthy eating

This is a story I wrote for my niece and nephew when they were little. I don't think it would sell, as it's probably too preachy re healthy eating, but I thought it would give everyone a laugh! :D

Baddie Sweet was a magic sweet who always ate far too many sweets. He was very fat and very spotty and had just six teeth left.

He lived in Apple Dumpling Village where the Fruit Folk lived. Granny Smith, the very old and very wise apple, said if he ate too many sweets he’d be sick. But Baddie Sweet didn’t care. He only poked his tongue out and away he rolled down the hill because he was too fat to run. He thought it great fun to tease the Fruit Folk.

Baddie Sweet wanted to play for Everpool when he grew up. They were the best football team ever and had a very smart kit of red, blue and yellow. Baddie Sweet always watched Everpool on TV and did a Baddie dance when they scored a goal or won a cup. He liked half-time best. That was when ladies dressed in Everpool colours of red, blue and yellow threw red, blue and yellow sweets to the kids as a treat. Then Baddie Sweet would dance a Baddie dance until he was dizzy and shout until he lost his voice, “EAT TOO MANY SWEETS!”

But of course the kids never did because they were on TV and they couldn’t hear him.

One day Baddie Sweet looked in his football box. He took out his Everpool hat and scarf and his football boots and put them all on. He took a big bag and put in it as many sweet as he could, then off he went.

Cherry Tomato walked by, eating a lollipop.

“Ha!” said Baddie Sweet. “Is that all you’ve got? Look!”

He opened the big bag and put four toffees in his mouth.

“You’ll get fatter,” Cherry Tomato said.

“Don’t care,” said Baddie Sweet.

“You’ll get more spots,” said Cherry Tomato.

“Don’t care,” said Baddie Sweet.

“Well,” said Cherry Tomato,” you won’t have any teeth left.”

“Still got six,” said Baddie Sweet, opening his mouth wide. It was horrible. His six teeth were broken and bad. He snatched the lollipop from Cherry Tomato, crunched it up with his six bad teeth and waddled away with a Baddie laugh.

Poor Cherry Tomato was very upset. She wasn’t a greedy tomato and never ate too many sweets. A tear rolled down her cheek. It just wasn’t fair! Baddie Sweet was always teasing her.

“Look out!” shouted a big voice suddenly. “You nearly stood on that tomato.”

Cherry Tomato looked up and saw some Everpool fans on their way to the Everpool match. She gasped. Baddie Sweet had been wearing an Everpool hat and scarf! Cherry Tomato was very small and very sweet but she was also very clever. She ran as fast as she could to Apple Dumpling Village. All the Fruit Folk came to see what the matter was.

“It’s Baddie Sweet!” cried Cherry Tomato. “He’s gone to watch Everpool!”

“So what?” said Cox Pippin.

“What so?” said his brother Cox Orange Pippin. They were twin apples and always did and said the opposite of each other.

“Yes,” said Granny Smith. “He’s always been an Everpool fan.”

“The Everpool sweets!” shouted Cherry Tomato.

The Fruit Folk stared. Even the Grape Family who always did everything in a bunch and were very noisy were quiet for once. Nobody had remembered the Everpool sweets except Cherry Tomato and she was only very little.

“Well done, Cherry Tomato,” said Granny Smith. “It’s a good thing you eat more fruit than sweets or you might have been too tired and too sick to run fast enough to tell us. Everyone, to the Fruit Boxes!”

The Fruit Folk hurried to the Fruit Boxes. They looked very serious as they filled up with fruit juice and drove off. Baddie Sweet would tell the kids to eat too many sweets. They had to get to Everpool before it was too late!