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The Pace of Love

by  MichelleB

Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Word Count: 151

Along the riverbank, you took me by the hand
Our fingers entwining the sun warm and shining
You spoke of love through your green eyes
No need for words to compromise
Our steps would meet in harmony; this pace of love was meant to be

A year has passed, of tenderness, of careful words and forgiveness
A love thatís nurtured through actions alone
A feeling that goes deep within my soul
A heartbeat of tranquility, this pace of love was meant to be

Months go by and still we care,
There is warmth and affection that we both can share
Our hearts are molding into one,
The pace of love is now moving on

And through this medieval town we walk
Where each snowflake seems to talk
Of love and togetherness, you become lost in its sentiment
And as you speak those words inside
Our pace of love has now synchronized