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Night at the Circus

by  Kat49

Posted: Thursday, August 7, 2014
Word Count: 120


Their bodies unfold in perfect balance
accord that defies gravity
We applaud their defiance
For an hour or more we sit, transported
under their alchemic spell
these Fausts of movement
leap and fall quite changed to something other,
turning on the wheel, airborne and unafraid 
as if they had the certainty of flight
to offer them salvation.

It can be done
And maybe we will escape death after all
For as we sit and watch them
breaking all the rules
We dance
Our souls are in them
We watch
Avid, hungry for more proof
Outside the tent, three portable loos 
Stand in line for our convenience,
Their insides smeared with shit, 
Reeking with the stench of our mortality.