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The water melon

by  andinadia

Posted: Monday, December 22, 2014
Word Count: 380
Summary: This is a Cairo story too. It's a very short (24 page!) picture book. Large green water melons are a feature of summer in Egypt, but they need to be served very chilled and have usually been cut up into chunks before serving on a communal plate. (It was published in Arabic.)

Spread 1
Come with me ... look at this.
It's my water melon.
(a/w: boy aged about 4-5, facing through partly open door, looking back at us and gesturing to us. Through the doorway we can see the edge of a large water melon on a table.)

Spread 2
I chose it.
(a/w: At the market, boy with his father. Boy is pointing to a particular water melon in a pile of them)

Spread 3
I bought it.
(a/w: The father is holding the huge water melon. The boy is paying the money to the trader. It is clear that the father has given the boy the money.)

Spread 4
I carried it home.
(a/w: Father is carrying the water melon in front of him, with his arms wrapped around it. The boy is walking in front of the father, with one hand supporting the melon.)

Spread 5
This bit is for me ...
(a/w: Boy with water melon on table - same table as we saw in Spread 1 - drawing a line across the skin of the melon, with a marker pen.)

Spread 6
This is for Mum, and this is for Dad. And this bit is for Marwa.
(a/w: The boy's hand with the pen. He has divided up the melon into segments with the pen, and written each person's name, and drawn a picture of their face beside their name. We now see that his name is Adham.)

Spread 7
"Adham! What are you doing?"
(a/w: The mother enters and appears to be shocked at what the boy has done. He looks embarassed.)

Spread 8
"We're not going to eat that water melon."
"Why not, Mum?"
(a/w: Mother is carrying the water melon away. Boy looks sad.)

Spread 9
No words on this spread.
(a/w: Boy is sitting by himself on a chair, looking very sad. Gloomy colours)

Spread 10
(a/w: Mother in kitchen, all bright colours in the picture. She is opening the door of a tall fridge. Boy's little sister Marwa is with her, looking excited about something.)

Spread 11
... we're going to have this nice chilled one instead!"
(a/w: Mother enters with huge bowl of chunks of chilled water melon, followed by father and Marwa. Big smiles all round.)