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`Ping pang!` or `The Panguin`

by  andinadia

Posted: Sunday, January 18, 2015
Word Count: 482
Summary: This was fun to write, and I think it would be fun as a readaloud, with the reader giving their own expression to the nonsense words! It's only a draft and all comments - however structural - are well received. I'm not sure whether to give the first two penguins names, or maybe describe in some other way than 'the first penguin' and 'the second penguin'. There are 2 options for the title. I haven't finished off the art brief yet.

Spread 1
A penguin went to the seaside. He liked to build sand castles.
(a/w: penguin making sand castle, using bucket, which gives round shaped blocks)
Spread 2
The penguin saw a second penguin walking on the sand. The second penguin come closer.
(a/w: need to distinguish the second penguin somehow from the first)
Spread 3
‘Ping!’ the second penguin said and he waved his wing.
‘Ping!’ the first penguin replied, after a moment. He waved his wing too.
Spread 4
The first penguin continued to build his castle. The second penguin watched the first penguin for a while. ‘Ping?’ the second penguin asked.
The first penguin looked thoughtful and then replied, ‘Ping.’
Spread 5
The second penguin helped the first penguin. Together they made lots of sand blocks. The castle grew bigger.
Spread 6
The first penguin went to get more wet sand. He saw a boat. He called the second penguin. They went to look at the boat.
Spread 7
‘Ping, ping!’ shouted the first penguin. There was another penguin inside the boat. This penguin did not look well.
The first penguin and the second penguin lifted the third penguin out of the boat and carried him to the castle.
(a/w the third penguin is quite thin, and is coloured a deep purple rather than black)
Spread 8
The two penguins brought some fresh water. The boat penguin drank the water.
They brought some fish. The boat penguin ate the fish.
Then the boat penguin closed his eyes and went to sleep.
Spread 9
After a while the boat penguin opened his eyes. He looked at the first penguin. Then he looked at the second penguin. Then he opened his mouth and said quietly, ‘Pang.’
The first penguin and the second penguin looked at each other.
‘Pang?’ said the first penguin. ‘Pang?’ said the second penguin.
Spread 10
The third penguin stood up and looked at the castle. He brought some wet sand and started to make a block. It was different shape of block.
Then he made more blocks and added a room to the castle.
While he worked he sang to himself, ‘Pang pang, pang pang, pang pang pang-pang pang.’
(a/w the new blocks are rectangular in shape, which the boat penguin makes with his own wings)
Spread 11
The two penguins helped the boat penguin. The three penguins worked hard. One of them brought the wet sand, another made the blocks, and another put the blocks into place.
Together they built a wonderful castle. Everybody came to see it.
(a/w need to decide which other animals will make up the audience)
Spread 12
‘Ping ping!’ said the first penguin to the second penguin. ‘Pang!’ said the second penguin to the third penguin.
‘Pang pang!’ said the third penguin.
‘Ping pang, ping pang!’ said the first and second penguins.
‘Pang ping,’ said the third penguin. ‘Pang ping!’