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The magic shop 3rd draft

by  Tresbita

Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2015
Word Count: 474

The Magic Shop.

  1. .(Poster on the wall showing Mr Marveloso and his assistant Matilda the Gorilla in a sequined dress.)
  2. Eliza loved the magic shop from the moment she first saw it.  She begged her mum to go in and explore.  ( It was called Ye Olde Magick Shoppe and in small letters it said Proprietor Mr Marveloso the magician).
  3. She had seen a magic show once before.  It was amazing.  The magician had pulled no less than five rabbits out of his top hat.  He’d sawn his assistant in half and then put her back together again!  Eliza stepped into the shop and …
  4. Poof!  A cloud of smoke surround her.(picture of Eliza in a cloud of smoke with only her eyes showing, looking very surprised).  Behind the counter at the front of the shop was a huge gorilla wearing a tutu.  Can I look around?” said Eliza. The gorilla woke up, “Ook” she said and fell back to sleep again.  Eliza took that to mean yes.
  5. The shop was dark and mysterious and full of wonderful and exciting things. There were shelves full of magic tricks, juggling balls, magic playing cards, hoops and more.  There was a funny mirror in the corner, Eliza looked into it and saw her own reflection smiling back at her. But when she turned her back,
  6. Ppppplllllgggghhhh!  Her reflection blew rasberries at her.  Eliza accidently knocked over a shelf full of wands and
  7. Ta da!  Suddenly she was surrounded by bunches of flowers that had come out of the top of the wands.  Ook, said Matilda.  Eliza took that to mean, don’t worry, I’ll clear up the mess.  Eliza found the magicians top hat, she stood on tiptoe and peered into it to see what was inside when …
  8. Whoops!   She lost her balance and fell into the hat!  (Eliza is floating in a luminous pink space staring at 100’s of rabbits.)  Eliza counted all the rabbits, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.  (each number has a rabbit doing something magical.
  9. The rabbits did tricks, they taught Eliza how to levitate, hocus pocus!, how to get sawn in half … and be put back together again, ta da!.  They taught her how to juggle hoops, and pull coins out of her ears.
  10. Then it was time to go … (the rabbits form a pyramid so Eliza can climb up to the rim of the hat).  Eliza could almost reach the top when …
  11. Abracadabra!  (Matilda pulls her out of the hat, just as you would pull a rabbit out.  Eliza is holidng a rabbit in her hand).  Thank you said Eliza, Ook, said Matilda, she took that to mean, your welcome.
  12. Outside the shop, Eliza told her mum, did you know you can fit 12 rabbits in a tophat?  Are you sure darling?  Eliza’s mum.  (Picture of Eliza and her mum walking away, with a rabbit waving at the reader from her pocket).