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Back cover words for Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant

by  Issy

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016
Word Count: 101
Summary: I am struggling with the blurb for the back of the book. I am not sure if some of the long words are off-putting. 6-8 age group, and of course its the parents who will pick this up, and it will only be available to purchase online, but still.... any comments welcome.

Edward to the rescue!

Meet Edward, a little elephant who never forgets, and Pegs, an adventurous chicken.

Together they set out on to find Edward’s best friend, the porcupine from Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine. On the way they meet a bunch of colourful characters: a news-spreading crow, a monkey who is good with fur and feathers, and a pair of grumpy rabbits.

But when the storms come, the porcupine is trapped in her  house. Will Edward be in time to save her?

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