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Gun Law

by  Zettel

Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Word Count: 373
Summary: Sorry: going through a political phase

Gun Law

How do I beat the bullies 
when they are many
And I am only one
When they are organised and strong
The myth of their cowardice
That couldn't be more wrong. 

If losing's not an option
when all's said and done
The answer's very simple friend
Get yourself a gun

How do I protect my family 
When the streets are full of danger
And the law is on the run
When armed police are hostile
And legal suits who do not care
Walk a selfish crooked mile

The spoils go to the fittest
When the race is run
Be a man a winner
Get yourself a gun

30,000 gun deaths
In the US every year
People dying in the sun
Sandy Hook and Columbine
Martyrs to a madness
That threatens me and mine

People kill not guns
 It's a natural law
To cut this loss we need
Not fewer guns but more

Automatic weapons
Automatically kill
It is all so easy 
We hardly need a will. 
Might is power power might
And both are such a thrill

The Armalite is fascist bright
In even children's hands
Kills me for you and you for me
Equally at home or in other lands

How do we beat terrorists
Who hate our way of life
Who swap this world for paradise
Put all dissent to the knife 
Gods at war sanction easy lies
That our destiny must be endless strife

Shoot the thought bomb the idea 
Blow dissent away
Bigger better firepower
Is the only way

I wonder why we're hated
Around the world today
We sell arms to anyone
With the cash to pay 
We share the fetish of the gun
As the only winning way

America will be great again
God is on our side you see
Feared and free of all disdain
Might is key to our manifest destiny

How shall we recover 
Our right to lead our better soul
With right not might you must
Honour the truth of your historic role
Engender not fear but trust
Seek cooperation not control

At home face down your demons
Hard truth not the easy lie
Trust cannot come from bullet or gun
As the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy amply testify