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The Space Between

by  Mickey

Posted: Monday, August 7, 2017
Word Count: 148
Summary: Here’s another romantic offering as the last one seemed to go down well

The hardest thing to give you is the space you need between us.
I want to see and be with you each minute of the day.
I know you need to be alone to think about what’s happening –
the possible tomorrows and the pain of yesterday.
I cannot promise happiness as nothing has a guarantee,
but I love you with conviction that I’ve never known before.
I did my very best to show how very much you mean to me,
and to demonstrate there’s no one in the world could love you more.
I know you have a life to live and I’ve encroached upon your space,
and now you need to be alone to think your future through.
You know exactly how I feel, so the hardest thing for me to give
is the space you need between us, when all I want is you. xxx