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Banking On You

by  Mickey

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Word Count: 114
Summary: James has said that he finds it hard to see poetry in financial transactions and that banking is too prosaic. But the whole world of finance is littered with double-entendres (or should that be ‘double entries’ – a double-entendre in its own right!) How about this then. The ‘guilt’ in guilt-edged is intentional by the way

My love life’s on long-term deposit which offers safe security.
Once a year there’s interest on it, but that’s just not enough for me.
So, should I lock my love away or open up a new account
paying interest every day – assets in, withdrawals out?
With such risk diversification, nothing ventured nothing new
if yours is just infatuation, I could lose my shirt on you.
Brand new market penetration where you can take me cash in hand
dispelling any speculation so I can more gauge how we stand.  
I’m banking all I have on you, a guilt-edged, high-risk business practice
trusting that your love is true and you can offer instant access