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Childhood Words

by  Zettel

Posted: Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Word Count: 113
Summary: A slight piece of Grandfatherly musing

Words of a Child
Your 'mimmits' will soon become
60 precise seconds long
And something very precious
will be forever gone
Since birth your ‘cups of tea’
have quieted urgent tears
But it is nearly time to let
words allay your fears
You christened me as 'Ga Ga'
A cherished soubriquet for me
'Gandad' now, Grandad soon you’ll say
but in my heart 'Ga Ga' I will ever be
Use your words Mummy says and
ideas tumble from your mind
to tell us what you think and feel
as your unique voice you find
Life is a journey bold and brave
of endless possibility
To discover not decide
the person you can be