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by  Deewrites

Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2018
Word Count: 311

The Society of British Spiritualists strongly objects to the Channel 1504 documentary investigating two of our mediums.    We were told your documentary would be fair and the reporting “open minded”.    Despite this, you questioned our credibility and honesty. 
Over fifty two years our society has helped thousands of people, many still alive, find comfort and meaning through mediums.  Despite this, the programme insulted the dead by sticking foam under a medium’s table so that spirits were unable to knock.   We have received complaints on this matter from both sides.  Similarly, your use of hidden cameras during Ms Duper’s tea leaf reading blocked the psycho magnetic field, causing a departed spirit to forget his first name during the reading.   The client accepted that her husband had also forgotten her name because he had early stages dementia when he died.  Since then, it has become worse.   
You demonstrated appalling insensitivity toward a disoriented gentleman who insisted his wife was still alive after her speaking through a medium.  Your insensitivity then sank to lower depths as you mocked the message a poor departed puppy left on the floor for his “mummy”, implying it was “only lemonade”.    
Because spiritualist beliefs may be classed as religious, we object to being persecuted by the media.  Would you subject Christianity, Islam or Judaism to the same rigorous examination that would be applied to, for example, a pension scheme? 
More seriously, your criticism of our, very reasonable charges and money-back guarantee is bewildering.  We charge no more than other professionals such as solicitors, estate agents and accountants.  We deserve the same confidence that people place in them, because we too are paid on the basis of results. 
It does seem that your hunger for documented fact has blinded you to all truth.  I am sure that our founder will be crying from beyond the grave.  Indeed he is!