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just Having Things To Say

by  Zettel

Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2019
Word Count: 166
Summary: One of my occasional efforts at a song. A songwriter friend said because she is happy she was finding it hard to write. Stanza 4 sort of a ‘bridge’

Just Having Things To Say

I’ve sung my share of sad songs
I’ve hung out with the blues
Poetry they say with misery belongs
And freedoms having nothing left to Lose

But poetry’s just having things to say
Happy sad right or wrong
Why is love that’s lost a better way
To capture life in song

Living’s not a coin with heads on both its sides
Win and lose in  life you’ll find 
However long or short enjoy the ride
When Winter comes Spring’s not far behind

She thought he loved her
The way she needed
But she was wrong
He thought she loved him
The way he wanted
But he too was wrong
In this lies a sad sad song

But when you’re happy love returned
Celebrate it well
A gift of life well learned 
A story you should tell

Poetry’s just having things to say
Happy sad right or wrong
Visit but don’t dwell in yesterday
And capture all of life in song