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Scooping almonds

by  Practicer

Posted: Sunday, October 6, 2019
Word Count: 142
Summary: This poem was formed from a writing challenge for a poetry course exam. I had to select a random word from a dictionary. The random word was almond.

Watch brother
Sanctuary of miracles
Ripen almonds
Shaker cultures rough diamonds.
Infused elements form created mass.
Early mile stones climb mountains.
Organic woodwind high octane gas,
Arrangements and assorted varying scenes.
Prescription bags recycled spores garbage heaped.
Cultivated raw husk roadside tajines
Vials scooped, bridges,banks, bottle greens.
Oils treat excessive living orchard heat.
Missions abandon planting almond trees.
Climatise a trance state of California dreams.
Radical in the kingdom of the anti freeze,
Blossoms  wild  through the exodus of  centuries,
Corridors, streets , and mosaic walled valleys.
What do you see? When asked what vision comes to thee,
Fortunate blessings of  bittersweet luxuries.
If Pisces is poisoned
As the water for the fields divert
Bare the fruitful seeds of necessity
With  help of the hand  in the destiny of promised land
Then the pit of my gutted fish scale hurts.