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Family Trees

by  crowspark

Posted: Sunday, July 30, 2023
Word Count: 102
Summary: Happy tale of family history which ended up disasterously

Family Trees

When two boxes are joined by a line
other boxes are birthed
in place and in time
joined together
with a line

Picture great uncle Len
joined a box in Southend
the happy couple
on a Velocette.

Great aunt Violet
such a dapper flapper
was aligned to Mills and Mixer
back in time to a box named
Edward Garfield, "The Immigrant"

In 1603 he sailed across the sea to join
the "first Colony" which spread
from the 34th to 41st-degree
latitude north.

No-one knows which boxes were lost
from the Algonquin tree of boxes
when intersected by European poxes.