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by  Beanie Baby

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Word Count: 291
Summary: Helping children to overcome their fears with a short, gentle story. The first in a series aimed at 3 - 5 year olds.

Sometimes, I get scared of water. I think it's too cold. Or too deep. I think it will swallow me up like a huge monster because there's so much of it.

At the seaside, I saw the sea. It was enormous! it stretched on and on forever! I liked the greeny-blue colour. But I didn't like the feel of it.
And I got scared.

Mummy said "Don't be scared, Lee. The sea won't hurt you."

She took me to see some boats. There were red ones, blue ones, green ones. Mummy said, "If there wasn't any water, there wouldn't be boats. Wouldn't that be sad?"
But I was still scared.

At the swimming pool, there was lots of noise! And lots of people. I tried to be brave but when the water splashed me, I got scared. And I cried.

Mummy said "Don't be scared, Lee. Water is very important. I'll show you." When we got home, she showed me the flowers in the garden. She said "They need water to grow."

She showed me the birds in the birdbath. She said "They need water to drink and keep clean." She gave me some orange squash without any water in it. "YUCK!!" I said.

She showed me the goldfish in the fishpond. They were so pretty. She said "Where would the fish be without water to live in?"

She put some washing-up liquid into an old beaker and added some water. She twisted some wire into an 'o' shape and we made lots of bubbles, all pretty colours and floating up to the sky. She said, "We wouldn't have bubbles without water! And where would the ducks be without the duck-pond? Ducks aren't scared of water!"

Can we go swimming please?