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Panic in RP

by  Naomi

Posted: Friday, April 23, 2004
Word Count: 148

It was the day of the school Christmas play. Oscar had got dressed without Mum shouting at him, as he was going to be a good boy today. Today was going to be very special. He was going to be one of the Three Wise Men and wear a tunic. This was very funny, because it was like a dress and boys don’t normally get to wear dresses.
“Everyone get changed now,” said Mrs Percival.
Within seconds, Class RP were stripped to vests and pants and pulling on their costumes. Everyone except Oscar.
“Hurry up, Oscar,” said Mrs Percival.
But Oscar froze. He had forgotten to put on his pants that morning. Everyone would see his willy.
He ran into the toilet in tears, locked the door and didn’t come out until the show was over.
“He must have just been nervous,” Mrs Percival reassured Oscar’s mum later.