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Ulterior Motives

by  Ling Ling

Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Word Count: 221
Summary: Why is that that some people seek ulterior motives in potential partners, and some don't? Isn't it easier, and far more liberating to let love enter your heart than to allow the demons to creep in?

She walked out of the door,
then took half the house
When here I sit all alone,
as quiet as a mouse.

Drove away in the car
you bought as a gift,
when all I behold is
deadwood, adrift.

Solicitors bills for
dealing the blow,
when all that I wanted
was the monster to go.

Should have been greedy,
should have taken much more.
But what can I demand
when knocked to the floor?

Living in glass houses,
throwing your stones.
Can't even communicate
with numerous phones.

The house built on sand
is sinking so fast.
Picture perfect existence
never was built to last.

The anger, the greed,
the desire to suceed.
But when push came to shove
what happened to love?

It's 101 excuses
for taking the piss.
The sincerest apologies -
too many to list.

It's stuck on the shelf
ailing, in poor health.
A redundant commodity -
no benefit to your wealth.

Don't question what motives
I have for being near.
It could just be because -
to me you are dear.

I want for nothing but
for a little of your time.
To walk down the street
with your hand in mine.

So if I seem a bit distant
its not because I have gone.
It could be in a moment of
silence, learned where I belong.