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by  literati

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004
Word Count: 482
Summary: Another competition entry!

Long, long ago, there was a young boy called Purity. He lived on a small farm with his mother, who named him Elvis. They were very poor. One day his mother said to him, “Elvis, your voice is worth fields and fields of gold. Take it too market, and see who will buy it.” Elvis sang so much, and with such beauty, his voice turned into a living-breathing being. Along the road they travelled. Soon, they came across a man termed Manager. “Give me your creature, and in return here are three magic beans. They are for Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” he said. Elvis was so happy.

He gyrated back along the pathway to his mother, shouting deliriously, “look mother, see what I have gotten for my voice.” His mother was so cross, fearing that he had been cheated greatly. She threw the magic beans from the farmhouse window. Elvis sang softly to himself. He was sad that he had upset his mother, so much.

During the night he dreamed of singing, and music, and clothes, and people, and money, and dancing. He tossed and turned with every vision.

The next day he stared dreamily through his bedroom window, wondering why the day was dark and dreary. Such a sight met his eyes. There in front of him was the beanstalk of Fame. His mother was still sleeping soundly. He climbed bravely, and surely, right to the very top of the beanstalk of Fame. It was so high; it was hidden in heavenly clouds. But it did not take Elvis to long.

Soon he reached the top, and gazed upon a beautiful castle made of gold. It was called Graceland. All around him were trees waving, birds singing, and the sun shone, very brightly. Everything was gigantic, larger than life itself.

He pushed open the huge door and soon, Elvis could hear thunderous sounds. Suddenly, he saw an enormous man known as Over Indulgence. Elvis trembled as he hid. Over Indulgence ate his plentiful meal, and counted his piles and piles of money. Then he spied a golden cockerel, labelled Salvation, who sang with HIS voice. Elvis was stunned! Whilst the giant was asleep, he grabbed Salvation and ran back to the top of the beanstalk. He thought to take it back to his mother, and they would be rich for evermore. Unexpectedly, Over Indulgence awoke, and stamped after them. Elvis dropped Salvation in terror, and the giant scooped it up quickly. Over Indulgence held Salvation up high, then dropped him carelessly, to the ground. Elvis skidded down the beanstalk of Fame, back to his roots, down to the earth. The beanstalk crumbled, into a thousand pieces, and Over Indulgence remained in his heavenly castle for eternity. Or so it seemed…In later years, numerous people have seen Over Indulgence on different parts of the planet Earth. And many, people, see Purity, everywhere.