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Eternal Angel


Posted: Friday, December 31, 2004
Word Count: 151
Summary: I wrote this piece in 2000. I now know that It came from a corruption of feelings that I had for the past and at the time of writing. In many ways it now seems it was somewhat predictive. This will remain a special piece to me and I dedicate it as I always have done to the one person who meant so much to me. I hope anyone reading it appreciates it.

One night an angel held me
within her arms so tight
she protected me from danger
from worry,fear and fright.
Her beauty took my breath away
as she eased my aching heart
but I realised then she was just a dream
and one day would depart.

I now need her more than ever
to be near me night and day
to hear the words of love I have
and wish the chance to say.
To feel the touch of her soft hand
see her smile and feel her near
will give me every second I need
to express my love so dear.

Eternal angel if you hear these words
just let me know you're there
please just give me one more sign
to show me that you care.
To me your love means everything
and I'm sure you will always be
my one and only true love
from now to eternity