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New pet

by  Stacey

Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Word Count: 122
Summary: This is a true story about my friend who got a new pet..which she thought was the most wonderful, best behaved creature in the world. As you will discover, this was quite untrue. I wrote this to cheer her up, after her new white satin sheets became Thanks.

I wonder what your thinking
as you lay here on my bed
do you want a hug from me,
or a pat upon your head?

your eyes are glazed and beady
your coat shines in the light
I wonder if you could, youíd talk
some day I think you might

with such a personality
not many can believe
you yawn and stretch your legs a bit
before sitting up to leave

and then I noticed something
in fact, I smelt it too
for you had left me quite a gift,
a pile of kitten poo

oh why did I not listen,
when my friendís said get a bird?
at least that way itís in a cage
where they will leave their turd.