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Minding the Gap

by  Hilary Custance

Posted: Monday, July 7, 2003
Word Count: 99
Summary: Normally I'd have sat on this for another couple of years, it is more thought than poetry, but I don't want to lose my place in the group so here we go.

Minding the Gap

I run up and down stairs every morning now,
ten times.

This is not, as you frequently joke, because I have forgotton something.
Though now I think of it,
you are right,
I have forgotten
to stay young.

I am making a late entry in the backwards time race.

Please live with my delusion
I accept
that there can be no surface change
My body is just
trying to close the gap
I am running to meet the ten year old inside me.

I mind the gap.

I monitor the discrepancy
between outside
and in.