Carol Falaki
A midwife from 1985 until 2004 with a special interest in helping prepare women for childbirth and supporting and promoting normal labour.
In 2005 Carol completed her MSc in continuing professional development with the University of Greenwich.
She enjoys reading, writing, tai chi and chi-gung.


The Midwives Role in Preparing Women for Labour - British Journal of Midwifery 2003. (Ne Carol Eames)

The Labour in Motion Study, Duchess of Westminster News 2003. (Ne Eames C)

Scarecrows - Flash fiction, The Mental Virus


Birth in Suburbia: a novel February 2009, Lulu

Things Kids say, Barnardo’s, in press autumn 2009

A selection of my published poems can be found in:

London Poetry Pearls, Anthology 2009 (Imsonium books)

Whispers on the Breeze, Anthology 2009 (United Press)

Images and Boundaries: Dreams Anthology, in press for 2010 (Barnado’s)

Planet Cat: Every day poets 2009

Smoking outside: Every day poets 2009

Waterbirth: Mothering Magazine 2009

Snug in Pink bed socks, Anthology, Peppermint Dream. (Ne Eames C)
Score: monologue
Presented at Little Theatre Birkenhead 31 October 2009
Overhead display at poetry festival
The Invitation
31 July 2009
Bantry Ireland

I Am, poem, highly commended, Adoption matters, 2009 poetry competition.

Eran, Short story, Stockport Museum permanent exhibiton, Wherefore Art Thou? Feb 2010 Story also published in accompanying book Feb 2010 by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Save a life, poem short-list, The Big Issue poetry competition 2009

Birth in Suburbia review National Childbirth Trust New Digest: nct professional January 2010. Review also published in NCT newsletter.