Colin Neville  

I left school as soon as I could and worked as a salesman, employment office clerk, railway cop, and village bobby before getting my head and education act together through the Open University and their degree study programmes.

So for the last 20+ years I've worked as a lecturer in higher education, although I dropped from full-time to part-time work in 2007.

Leaving full-time work in 2007 gave me more time and energy to write, and I have had four non-fiction books published (on education topics and local history) by mainstream publishers (see list of works). Recently I self-published a first novel: 'Millstone', about a teacher falsely accused of sexual misconduct with pupils and a parent. Fortunately, it is NOT autobiographical but is based on a number of well-publicised events. It is available in paperback, ISBN 9781781760468.aspx (See 'Reviews').

I have had short stories published by Ether mobile publisher, 'The Feathered Flounder' and 'Writers' Forum' magazine. I am currently editing an anthology of short stories on the theme of childhood, written mainly by 'WriteWords' authors in the Commercial Short Story group. This will be published autumn 2013 with all profits from sales going to the UK Grandparents' Association.

When not writing, I'm to be found in my garden growing veg and cooking it, walking on Ilkley Moor (I live in Yorkshire, near Bradford), and looking after grand-children.

Books have always been important to me, so I have established my own online bookselling business, selling independent press,limited edition and fine art monographs online via ABE.Com.

I am also the originator and editor of a website on the life and works of Alberta Vickridge, a neglected Yorkshire poet and printer, but the only Yorkshire writer to have won a Bardic Crown and Chair for her poetry (see 'Links').