Eliza Langland - List of Works  

Prose piece: "Rubbing Shoulders in the Lost Treasury" Chapman #85 1996
Non-fiction. Reflective age-positive piece on professional performance, continuity and tradition.

Scottish Resources: "Words are Like Birds" BBC Radio Scotland Education 1997
Story, Poetry and Song on a theme for 7 - 9 age group

Hopscotch: "Staying Over" BBC Radio Scotland Education 1995
Drama and Song for the young listener.

Scottish Resources:"Bike Buddies" BBC Radio Education 1999
3 part Drama, 9 - 11 age group.

“Cry Me a River” Short story BBC Radio 4 Storyline Series, TX Oct 18th 1994
One wet, chilly afternoon in the High Street, with a dripping toddler in tow, a young penniless mother, carting empties to the bottle bank, hears a busker and comes to a stop in the flow of passers by.

“Mamihlapinatapai” BBC Radio 4 Afternoon play Prod D. Jackson-Young TX June 5th 2001.
The title means - 'To look at one another, each hoping the other will offer to do something each of them desires but which neither is willing to do.' The play is a series of micro-dramas interwoven with three main stories, the whole parcel tied up with a specially commissioned musical rap treatment of the title, threaded through and repeated. It's Romeo and Juliet with a comedy dagger and a last minute change of heart. It pokes fun at the extremes we go to because we fear what the other person might do or say or think and takes us from the mundanity of young friends falling in love to a Roman Gladiator and his adoring tiring man to Alec the plumber from Cowdenbeath and Big Chief Talking Bull somewhere out in Red Indian Country."

"Sand Ceremony" Short Story BBC Radio 4 Storyline series TX June 11th 1996
A bairn sent in disgrace, she thinks, to the island of Lewis, finds the language cold and threatening. Against orders, she witnesses an island funeral. Her story, and that of the silent suitor of the old girl in the box, is one of unspoken love in the stubborn environment of the bashful heart.

“The Husband’s Story” Short Story Radio 3 News From North Britain Series 1997
A man accused of murdering his wife can't tell the truth for the truth will condemn him. He claims she's not dead but can't say where she's gone. A monologue, in East Coast vernacular Scots, and a reworking of the Seal Wife legend.

History of the Condom (Part One) BBC Radio Scotland 1997
30 min Comedy Drama-documentary.
Producer Louise Dalziel

Stretching It (History of Condom Part 2) BBC Radio Scotland 1997
30 min comedy drama-doc.

Tests of Evidence: "Headless Lawyers" Forsyth Prod/BBC Radio Scotland 1999
Docu-drama. Series re-appraising and retrying court cases of the past. The Duchess of Argyll Divorce story.

Scottish Resources: "What's in a Name" BBC Radio Scotland Education 1997
Story, Poetry and Song on a theme for 7 - 9 age group.

Waiting on a bus - Portobello mouth music. 2008
Song recorded by singing group "The Linties" on CD (title track) 2008 and Greentrax Records Songs of Edinburgh compilation 2008