Gaius Coffey  

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Gaius Coffey writes fiction because he's having too much fun to stop and he tries to sell what he has written because his wife says he has to. His story Terry and the Eye was the most read story at Every Day Fiction for March, 2010 (read the interview here) and one of his stories was shortlisted for the 2010 Fish Publishing One-Page Story Prize.

A Poet In Love
A poet in love with an orange,
Was frustrated to find only sporange,
That poetical crime,
An inappropriate rhyme,
His language it seemed needed more range.

Very, Very Silly
The historical record of rhetorical accord was critically deplored by the Orange orderís board citing the damaging granite rock, that stopped the town-hallís aged clock in the terrible siege of Strangford Lough, as proof of poor intent by republicans hell-bent on leaving quite a dent, when they that missile sent, so they might eject the noble Queen, like a dire celeb has-been from the A-List happening scene in Londonís Golderís Green (and the thirty-two counties of Ireland); not easily pacified, they venomously denied the republican aside about Orangemen and pride, and it might have come to blows with an Orange bloody nose and stamped on republican toes but for young Bartholomew Rose, an accomplished, neutral diplomat who saw the way to end their spat by adding this, deleting that and phrasing the other to mean the first so even the bigot who thought the worst would struggle to take offence.